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Harp rental

Renting a harp is a good option for beginners because they can familiarize themselves with the instrument and the learning process before acquiring their own one.

Our rental harps are quality made by Dusty Strings, Lyon & Healy and Salvi; three recognized brands in the industry for their excellence.

To meet the specific needs of each person, harps of 22, 26, 27, 34 and 38 strings are available. Our harps have the great advantage of having levers on each string, allowing to learn the harp with a larger selection of music at their disposal.

Professionals or advanced students can also rent a pedal harp from 40 to 46 strings.

Occasionally, we can rent a concert grand harp for very short term and only in some very specific situation.

We also offer antique harp rental for film shoots.

Harps models for rental:

  • Ravenna 26 - Dusty Strings (several finishes)
  • Ravenna 34 - Dusty Strings (several finishes)
  • Mélusine 38 - Camac
  • Juno 27 - Salvi (several finishes)
  • Mia 34 - Salvi
  • Ogden 34 - Lyon & Healy (several finishes)
  • Daphné, 40 strings pedal harp - Salvi
  • Chicago 40, 40 strings pedal harp - Lyon & Healy
  • Modèle 85, 46 strings pedal harp - Lyon & Healy
  • Ancient pedal harp - Érard

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I am a professional harpist, graduated from the "Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal" and I am committed to offer you my musical talents.

With more than ten years of experience you are guaranteed the highest quality of background music service; whether it be playing the grand harp solo or duo with other professionals musicians playing with me.




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