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One of the secrets for the success of a reception relies greatly on the choice of musicians and background music. To pleasantly surprise your guests in this area is not always an easy task.

By choosing the harp you have all right!

The grand concert harp is an impressive instrument because of its grandeur and its unique style. As for the sound the harp produces, it is so soft that you will be able to converse without the music disturbing your conversation.

For many of your guests, it will probably be the first time that they will have had the chance to see and listen to this unique instrument in such close proximity. See their expression. They are intrigued and appreciative...

Smile, it's a success!

  • At Last, Mack Gordon - Harry Warren ....


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Background music for cocktail, 5 à 7 and anniversaries

Whether for a cocktail party, a birthday or any other reception, the choice of musicians is as important as the reception hall and the menu. These aspects contribute significantly to the success of an event.

At a cocktail party, your guests are entertained by background music while conversing among themselves. They have the freedom to interact with the musicians, which adds dynamism to the cocktail. In addition, the musicians will adapt the choice of music depending on reactions; to always maintain the best atmosphere.

The harp is a great background music instrument for its versatility. It is an outstanding solo instrument and it also performs beautifully with other musicians for a renewed experience.

My background music repertoire is very comprehensive and offers styles ranging from classical to jazz. My experience over 10 years in this field ensures impeccable service and beyond your expectations.

Frequently asked questions regarding my background music service

  • What type of harp do you use in background music performances?
    I use my grand pedal harp, also known as a concert harp. It is a majestic instrument with a warm sound that is more powerful than any other type of harp. It is a very expensive instrument and thanks to its number of strings and its pedal system, it can interpret a great number of musical pieces.
  • How do you transport your instrument?
    My harp weighs about 80 lb (40 kg) and moving a large instrument like this requires a van.

    Except for the more inaccessible places (stairs, lawns, gangways, etc.) I can do that alone with the help of a hand truck especially designed for that purpose. Unquestionably moving my harp requires more care and work than carrying a small instrument; this is why transportation costs for the harp are already factored in the basic fees.
  • Do you take breaks during your performances?
    Yes, it is hard for any musician to play for hours, non-stop. In the first hour there is no break, but each hour thereafter has a 15 minute stop. If you want music during the breaks, it is better to plan ahead with event organizers or the DJ.
  • What do you need at the event's location?
    I need a secure place for the material that is not used during the performance like the cover and harp hand truck, bags and coat. I bring all that I need (music stand, bench and lighting). If another musician accompanies me, he'll need a chair.
  • What do you need for outdoors performances?
    A small, well-built stage or sturdy deck will do because setting up the harp on the uneven lawn is not very safe. This has to be checked out with the reception hall. I can rent out mine if need be.

    Ideally a canopy should be set up to protect the instrument from sun and rain. Anticipate an indoors place in case of bad weather any way.
  • For a ceremony, how do we choose the repertoire?
    Once you have chosen your date, you get a client access code, which will allow you to hear musical excerpts recorded by myself and my musicians for the various ceremonies.

    Special requests are also accepted if they are made in advance. We make sure that the chosen piece can be played on our instruments; if that is the case, we prepare it especially for you.
  • Can we hire two different ensembles for ceremony and cocktail?
    Yes, you can; for example, you can have solo harp for the ceremony, and flute and harp duo for the cocktail.
  • Can we reserve well in advance?
    You can book a year ahead or even more. In the summer and in the fall some days like Saturday and Sunday are in greater demand for weddings than others. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Seasons' Holidays are quite busy moments of the year.
  • Do you travel outside Greater Montreal?
    Yes, I go wherever there are roads. But there are additional fees for travel depending on the number of kilometres that I have to cover.

Charming your guests with the grand concert harp


I am a professional harpist, graduated from the "Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal" and I am committed to offer you my musical talents.

With more than ten years of experience you are guaranteed the highest quality of background music service; whether it be playing the grand harp solo or duo with other professionals musicians playing with me.




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