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Electric harp and amplification

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Electric harp

Get ready for a new sound!

A modern look and metallic silver finish, exceptional sound when amplified, the perfect harp for larger events where amplification is necessary.

Amplifying the grand harp was always a real challenge for years. This challenge is now raised. With 47 distinct microphones, connected to each string and his extended range, the electro-acoustic harp is a major innovation in regards to amplification and sound quality.

The pop and jazz repertoire perfectly highlights this electric harp for deep bass is particularly raised, which adds unexploited opportunities so far for the harp.

It is also for this reason that this type of electric harp makes it easier than ever to perform solo because the full range of the harp is fully and clearly used.

  • New Blues, Deborah Henson-Conant - Electric harp....


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Sound system for small and bigger events

The harp is the ideal instrument for background music. However, when a large number of guests are present at an event or a function takes place outdoors, the noise may well drown out the sound of the harp.

This is when harp amplification becomes a viable option. Measured correctly, harp amplification will allow people to converse without having to raise their voices whilst being able to appreciate the music.

This service can also be used to project the sound to other nearby rooms. The background music is offered during the musician's small breaks and microphones are at your disposal for speeches.

Frequently asked questions regarding amplification

  • Why do I need amplification?
    You may need it to make sure that you have a perfect musical background regardless of the noise level or the number of guests. It allows for the sound to travel farther if the event is outdoors or enables you to pipe music in more than one hall or room at a time.
  • Where are loudspeakers placed?
    Loudspeakers stand on legs and are positioned apart from one another at regular intervals along the wall so as to achieve an even sound projection in any room. For smaller performances, only two loudspeakers are used.
  • Might the sound be too loud for the guests?
    No, the sound will be adjusted during the event in accordance with the ambient noise to allow people to talk in a pleasant musical environment.
  • Can you provide amplification for big events?
    Our system allows us to add as many loudspeakers as we want and we can provide amplification for any kind of reception.
  • What does harp amplification involve?
    Amplification includes all the necessary equipment: mixing console, loudspeakers on support, high quality microphones for classical instruments as well as speeches and music during musicians' breaks. A technician will supervise the equipment throughout the event.
  • Why should we get your service rather than someone else's?
    Because we are experienced at providing amplification for classical instruments like the harp and we have the specialized equipment for perfect results every time. What is more our offer comes in a single package deal which keeps costs down.
  • Can our DJ do the electric harp amplification?
    Amplifying the electric harp is now very easy. If you have hired a DJ for the evening, he can amplify the electric harp if he wants to and if his equipment allows it. If he does not have the right microphones for classical instruments like flute, I will bring mine to get the sound just right.
  • What is minimum number of guests for us to start considering amplification?
    It depends on the performance as well as the size and type of event. In a formal ceremony the number of guests is not a determining factor because they are usually focused on the event itself.

    By contrast, if you have 150 guests at a noisy event like a cocktail, amplification is certainly a must. Gather all the details about your event and we will know how to help you.

  • Who is in charge of amplification?
    Robert Verreault is in charge of amplification. If you need advice or have other questions, do not hesitate to call him.
  • I'm getting married outside, do you offer a simplified sound service for the electric harp?
    Absolutely! If you only want to project the sound of the electric harp for a small number of guests, we can install a single amplifier near the harp. In such case, you will not need the full equipment or the sound technician. This basic service is included when you choose the electric harp.

A pedal electric harp!


I am a professional harpist, graduated from the "Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal" and I am committed to offer you my musical talents.

With more than ten years of experience you are guaranteed the highest quality of background music service; whether it be playing the grand harp solo or duo with other professionals musicians playing with me.




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