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Dusty Strings and Lyon & Healy harps

Harpists finally have the opportunity to try harps before buying them instead of ordering them and then discover upon arrival.

We are wholesale partners of Dusty Springs and Lyon & Healy harps!

We are proud to offer you the range of their products on display in our showroom. Several Dusty Strings models including the popular Ravenna's are presented in two different sizes and colors. The intermediate model Crescendo 34, and the high end model FH36S are also available on site for you to compare.

The excellent Lyon & Healy harps: Ogden, Troubadour VI and Prelude 40 are also available on display. The Troubadour VI model is available in two finishes: natural and mahogany.

May you consider buying a Lyon and Healy pedal harp, you can try out three different pedal harps: 85 model, style 23 and style 2000 electro-acoustic.

Importing harp always brings its share of surprises and unexpected fees. We do the Canadian custom clearance ourselves to save you money. Depending on models, it is also possible to save half of international transport costs. We also offer transport of your new harp directly at your home in the Montreal area as well as outside the area for a reasonable fee.

To see and compare harps, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Buying a harp

Buying a harp is certainly an important decision. It is better to be well informed and understand the main differences between the types of harps before buying your own one.

It is preferable to get a lever harp because that type of harp will let you play in many different tones and you will not be restricted to a limited repertoire. As an alalogy, a harp with no levers can be compared to a piano without the black keys (flats and sharps). A celtic harp may cost between 1000$ and 10000$ depending on the models and size.

The cost and complexity of the grand pedal harp are factors that made it rarely advisable for beginners.

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I am a professional harpist, graduated from the "Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal" and I am committed to offer you my musical talents.

With more than ten years of experience you are guaranteed the highest quality of background music service; whether it be playing the grand harp solo or duo with other professionals musicians playing with me.




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